Truth Statement: I Can Hear God’s Voice

It’s noisy out there. Pressure mounts from all sides and the demands of the rat-race come relentlessly. In a crowded mind and an overwhelmed schedule it’s easy to get lost and feel lost. There, deep in the woods, with a thousand new and scary sounds, with fear mounting doubt starts scratching. the lie: God doesn’t […]

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Truth Statement: I am Secure

Policies shift. Opinions flare. This world is a mess, and the mess often carries over into everyday living. Relationships wane. Finances dwindle. Health declines. In the overwhelm it’s easy to wobble, even easier to panic. Don’t even think about taking a stand. the lie: I won’t make it. It’s too scary, too unpredictable, too uncontrollable. […]

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Truth Statement: I Am Valued

Failure and shame love to devalue you and shout about insignificance. Sneaking in under the disguise of you are too messed up, too young, too old, too fat, too skinny… too whatever, they come cloaked in all sorts of comparisons. the lie: I am not worth that job/relationship/invitation/____, I am not worthy of love/healing/ministry____. In […]

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Truth Statement: I Belong

When the struggle for survival in the everyday is real and negative criticisms build walls around you, the whispers of being alone and unworthy of connection rush in. In the silence, the isolation, those whispers are deafening. the lie: I don’t belong. I don’t fit in. I am all alone. But they are lies. You […]

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31 Affirmations


With more than enough ammunition to fuel the argument that you’ve failed, you’re not enough, and you can never be/do/have, there are plenty of places to fall short before you even begin. It plagues every stage of life, every race, nationality and even every generation. It’s a battle fought in the invisible places of our minds. Insecurity. […]

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