Happy Mother’s Day

Just in case you were wondering. You totally rock this mothering thing. Not only are you flat-out the best lookin’, you are the best choice for your children. You are perfect for the job. No one could do it better. You have exactly what it takes. Your words are rightly fitted for them, your insight is […]

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I Failed

It is nearly midnight and I just tucked in the last living thing in my house. Every single being (canine and human) is asleep. Finally. Except me. There is one thought screaming so loud in my head right now I want to punch a wall. I failed today. In fact, I’ve been failing a lot […]

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I Remember…


I remember the feel of his hand slipping off my back as I pedaled just a little faster than his jog for the first time. The wind taking a liking to my hair. Thank you Lord, for the tangible love of a father that taught me to try. I remember the smell of her banana […]

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I lived

Today is the first day of a new beginning. It is the first step forward in a journey of tomorrows and I want to savor it in the now. All of its splendor, all of its gifts of greatness and its gifts of pain. I want to hold them all while I can. Because tomorrow […]

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Sunday Selah ~ Live

Sunday Selah Image

Friends, life can get tedious at times. We fall into the ruts of the everyday duties and get bogged down with the weight of responsibility. But can I just remind you, that even in the midst of it all, there is a gift. When the coffee pot pours out empty, and the biscuits are burned, […]

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