Truth Statement: I Can Overcome Fear (A guest Post!!)

I am jumping up and down excited today friends – My sweet, very dear and totally funny friend, Kate, is joining us today!!! Kate is a grab your arm kinda-writer getting right to the heart of the matter; she’s also a graphic designer extraordinaire but her most amazing feat is that she is a superMom […]

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Motherhood or Ministry or dare I say… both?

Have you ever asked yourself that question? Ever wondered if you were betraying one for the other? I sat on the edge of the bathtub as tears streamed down my face. He was right, and I knew it. But this decision was going to hurt. Something would be sacrificed either way. I whimpered, clutching the […]

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Waving the White Flag

You know that moment when you are treading water, striving against the weight of the waves? The ocean bottom to far to fathom, but the shore to distant to decipher. You kick and swipe, you lean your head back. The grunts come instead of breaths. Your muscles swell to anvils and your bones sink lower […]

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Treasures of the Struggle

Oh friends, how I’ve missed you. I’ve been busy tapping on the keyboard preparing the book proposal and getting my chapters all nice and neat. Four weeks to go until I present to publishers- yikes! All this preparation has me a little reminiscent about the conference last year. I was in such a different place, […]

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Oh Come, Oh Come, Emmanuel {Chapter 6}

Noel Nights 4

The meanderings of a promise can sometimes look like being lost and forgotten. When the sight of your long-held prayer is so far gone that you barely remember to hope. When the dust of empty years overshadows the glimmer of your dream, the air now filled with the stench of doubt and expectations lowered to […]

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