Truth Statement: I Am Free

Have you ever glanced across a wide open field with the grass dancing in the breeze and the sun calling out your name and thought, I want to run with abandon and breath in that wide open space? Only when you went to take the first step you tripped over your past? Stumbled over your […]

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A Sabbatical from Social Media Taught Me Nothing New, but Changed Me Forever

My summer was nearing a close, August was coming and I had it all planned out. Until God whispered, “Shut it down for 31 days”. What?! All of it? I tried bargaining for the blog, its not technically a social media outlet. Or twitter at least- I mean – “God? It’s only 140 characters?!” Nope. […]

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Choosing Freedom (and a little Birthday Party)

In the quiet of the morning hours, memories dance through my mind. Their weight is heavy today, heavy with gratitude. I remember the cold air on my face as I waddled to the door, clutching my pillow. The surge of adrenaline as I heard the cadence of his heart beat on the monitor. (That sound […]

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Sunday Selah ~ A Prayer for You

Sunday Selah Image

Good Morning my friend! It’s a beautiful April Sunday and the sun is dawning it’s radiance on each new bloom, as if calling new to wake up and break forth. Doesn’t it make you just want to stand there in the warmth of it all, head tipped back, heart wide open and soak it all […]

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A Cynic Soothed by Love

The crowds must have been overwhelming. Granted, it was a really big city full of people and commerce and institutions. But there was something different in the air this time, compared to all the other times they entered a new town to preach. This one had more barriers than just thick brick walls. I wonder […]

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