I am Able to Fulfill the Call of God on My Life

Can we just be honest? This is a hard one. I mean it’s hard to really and truly believe this in the core of your gut. God calls us to do big things, out-of-the-ordinary things. Like stand up for our faith when it’s being persecuted. Or share the gospel with a stranger. Or raise our […]

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The Discipline of Obedience

I sat with a friend the other day, over a delicious pizza pie. Our kids were chatting it up in the booth next to us and the air-conditioning hummed above our heads. She started sharing about a journey she’d been on recently. A trip full of adventure, wonder and even some wild faith steps. I […]

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Somewhere in the Storm

There is this space between the beginning of a dream and the realization of it. It can be vast and long. It can get dangerous. It can even be deadly. In this space between, the reason for beginning is long behind you and the purpose for pursuing is not so easily seen up ahead. It’s […]

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Did I Hear God Wrong?

Have you ever asked yourself that question? Do you ever wonder in the in-between of dreaming and achieving — “Man, Did I miss it?” I have. A lot. Recently I found myself in a season of questioning. I was questioning everything, well almost. I didn’t question my marriage, but EVERYTHING else. Did I hear God […]

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Women of Christmas ~ Let Every Heart Prepare Him Room {Chapter 1}

Noel Nights 4

Oh friend! I could not be more delighted to start this journey with you! Isn’t God’s timing perfect, always?! Throughout this Advent I will be blogging every Sunday and Wednesday through Liz Curtis Higg’s book: The Women of Christmas. Starting today!!! As you pull out the decorations and begin to fill your calendar with all sorts of […]

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