It is not about you. {Five Minute Friday}

Vintage Messenger by amphalon

  They kind of scare me. The potential for misunderstanding is deafening, the feeling of betrayal crushing.  If you’ve felt it once, simply the memory of the pain can usher in the chills. Proverbs 13:17  A wicked messenger falls into trouble, but a trustworthy envoy brings healing.  I still have to take a deep breath when […]

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The Ultimate Power is in your Hands. {Five Minute Friday}

Connection. Life.

Friday’s come all too quickly, but never last long enough.  I love them, oh how I love them.  I am gathering again with these amazing writers!  I think what makes this flash mob of words so addictive is the freedom, freedom to let words flow- no editing, no back space, no work – just creativity!  […]

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Love Fest ~ Gifts of Show or Love?

The bucket is passed every service; a plastic reminder of the call to give.  You can’t help but look in to see how many envelopes, checks or coins are in there as it passes your nose.  Of course you can roughly do the math… number of monetary items compared to number of people to your […]

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Shoulds and Should Nots

Can you be authentic without receiving grace?  Can you receive grace without being vulnerable? There are hundreds of people in our sanctuary on any given weekend service.  I kind of like it, it’s easy to get lost.  My soul aches and tears come easy.  No one will ask “THE” question as long as I don’t […]

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5 Minute Friday!

I am joining a writing flash mob ~ every Friday!  Ha!  {I am almost giddy over here}.  I am joing Lisa-Jo Baker and her mob of word lovers in a 5 minute-free flowing dance of keyboards and pounding syllables. That is all I get- one word and 5 minutes to talk about it! “Writing is […]

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