The Gift…


For God so loved… that He gave.… John 3:16 I’ve been there. The isolated chair amongst rows of pews. Hollow words tapping on my numb heart. Just another Sunday, just another rhythm of handshakes, I’ll-Pray-For-You’s and Amens. I played my part. Did my dues. But as I waded through the following weekdays I wondered – What […]

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Messy Vulnerability Could be Fertile Soil for Connection

Hi Everyone! To end our little discussion on Friendship I thought I’d chat face to face with you. Grab your coffee and come sit with me. (email subscribers, click here to watch)

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My Everyday Faith

I’m a sucker for the comparison trap. Even when it comes to faith. I think some have more faith than me – which really means I don’t have enough for the “big” things. I decided to go in search of really, what it is and how to get it. But I discovered that faith isn’t […]

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When the Façade Crumbles

This is my story. This is my testimony. I once was burried behind walls of faith FOR a God I believed in but perhaps didn’t fully trust. I could “play church” with the best of them, knowing the right lingo to say at just the right moment; I could do all the moves so no […]

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My Crumbled Pretentiousness, His Radiant Glory

The dust begins to settle. The lingering smell of crumbled old, wet rocks sifts through my nose. I timidly linger in the shadows; a shiver slides down past my knees. I built these walls and they were safety for me for so long. These stone walls I had erected with the mud of shame. With […]

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