Holding on to Truth


So here we are at the end of our 31 days of lie-busting truth statements. (in case you missed it- here’s where to find them all). The daily emails will stop but the truth of these statements will not. The lies might try to creep back up, but these truths are stronger. Words are very […]

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Truth Statement: I Am Still Enough

We did it. We debunked 30 lies that eat us up, hold us back, and silence our hearts. We may have never sat across the table together. We might never get to hug this side of Heaven, but I am incredibly proud of YOU! One, you stuck it out with me every day for 30 […]

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Truth Statement: I Am Free

Have you ever glanced across a wide open field with the grass dancing in the breeze and the sun calling out your name and thought, I want to run with abandon and breath in that wide open space? Only when you went to take the first step you tripped over your past? Stumbled over your […]

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Truth Statement: I Have Wisdom

We’ve all been there. The conversation starts off like a discussion and somehow lands in the spotlight of debate. Starting in your gut, the pulsing of what you’ve always believed, what you’ve always thought, now meets with the arguments of opposing view points leaving you unsteady and unsure. Or you’ve been here too: the place […]

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Truth Statement: I Am Beautiful

It stares back at you in the dressing room. It speaks to you in the magazine isle, glaring at you in every single commercial on the television. It shouts between friends and family members and it even lies among lovers. This one lie is one of the most destructive among women. At any age. the […]

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