Holding on to Truth

So here we are at the end of our 31 days of lie-busting truth statements. (in case you missed it- here’s where to find them all). The daily emails will stop but the truth of these statements will not. The lies might try to creep back up, but these truths are stronger.

Words are very powerful things. Whether spoken or unspoken – they can shape everything they encompass. Words can start a war or end one. Words can instigate a riot or initiate a romance. Words define. Words clarify. Words build. Words break down. Words are weapons.

Words are death or words are life.

It’s your choice.

The words you use to define or describe yourself can either hold you back or set you up. They can be lies of defeat or they can be conduits of truth.

It’s your choice.

You can affirm your weaknesses and failures or you can affirm your God given identity.

It’s your choice.

You choose the words to hold on to.

Affirmation: the act or process of affirming something.

To Affirm: state as fact; assert strongly and publicly.

Affirmations are not a cheesy self-help tool. They aren’t a name-it and claim-it adage. These affirmations are taking a stand on the truth. They are partnering with what God has said about you, allowing His true statements about you to take root and cause the change you so desperately seek. The breakthrough you’re longing for is not in your discipline of rote statements but in speaking the Word of God.

His word can cut through any lie. His word can outdo any wrong. His word is real. When you choose to assert strongly and publicly what God says about you, your life will change. God’s word is true about you. It is alive and active and it is in you.

I challenge you to choose His word over the worlds’ lies. This is a moment by moment choice. So I challenge you to partner with His Words over your life every moment from here on out. I challenge you to hold on to truth.


If you’ve enjoyed this series, would you leave me a comment? Would you like this series as an ebook? (comments are found below- IF you are reading this in it’s own page and not on my home screen- click the post’s title if you don’t see the comments section)

P.S. THERE WILL BE A BIG GIVEAWAY NEXT WEEKEND!! You don’t want to miss it!!!


6 Comments on “Holding on to Truth

  1. Amen. The world can tell us many things but we get to choose which ones we believe in and allow to stay in our heads.


  2. Have enjoyed your posts – honestly, I have not been able to read every one, on the day, but as I catch up they are always timely! (Like this one!) Words are very powerful – and it is so difficult to not replay words in my head said to me that may not be super hurtful, but enough to trigger a past hurt. God’s Word is the best medicine. Enjoy your day, Brandi!


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