Truth Statement: I Am Confident

As the world spins and twists, races and rages, it’s easy to fall back into the old mindsets of insecurity and weakness. Just because we identify these lies doesn’t mean they don’t try to sneak back up in our minds. Lord knows, I’ve been working diligently at this for nearly a decade… and I still have moments.

the lie: I’m so insecure, I don’t have confidence.

Look. This is a process. We aren’t perfect all of the time- that’s why we need a savior and that is why our savior calls this faith. So when you feel your grip on truth slipping, when the old lies start nipping at your heels, Look to Jesus. Savor His presence and let His gaze wash over you. Confidence is found not in your abilities, but in the reflection of you in His eyes.

the truth:
I seek the Lord and He hears me. He delivers me from all my fears. I look to Him and am radiant. My face is not ashamed. Psalm 34:4


See also: Isaiah 61:7

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2 Comments on “Truth Statement: I Am Confident

  1. Oh I love what you bolded before the truth. That is beautiful. I like how you expressed it! I have heard that thought before – but differently. I am saving it and texting it to my daughter!! Have a blessed day, Brandi!


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