Truth Statement: I am Joyful (genuinely)

I did it again. I lost my cool with those I love most within the first 10 minutes of our day. Then I got home to find the garbage disposal backed up and the dog vomit on the bedspread. The late payment notice came in the mail and my spouse and I aren’t speaking. The in-laws called with more drama to dish up at the holiday feast and my dreams are dying. Housing markets are down, inflation is up. Lay offs are pending and divorce is on the rise. Churches are closing and crime is rampant. Don’t even get me started on the election.

the lie: This life sucks. These days are dark and everything is against me.

These days are indeed dark, and this world is rampant with evil and brokenness. But our joy doesn’t come from the world of circumstances we stand in. Our joy isn’t based in this very moment. It isn’t that fickle, nor is it that weak. Joy comes from the place where Jesus resides, within. Joy comes in the moments surround by His presence and touched by His hand. Joy is His gift, His unchangeable, unmovable, unending gift. He gives it and the way we receive it is by keeping our eyes on Him – not our circumstances.

the truth:
I have told you this so that my joy may be in you and that your joy may be complete. John 15:11


See also: 1 Chronicles 16:27, Psalm 16:11, Isaiah 51:3, Isaiah 61:7, Jeremiah 15:16, John 17:13, Acts 2:28

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