Hi guys!! It’s GIVEAWAY time!!! Be sure and read all the way to the end to find out how to win one of the coolest books I’ve read in a while!! (today’s post is a little longer than the others- but trust me- it’s worth it… plus – it’s Saturday!) 


I’ve been there, maybe you have too. Its cold, damp and dark. Enveloped by a silent loneliness pressing down on the most tender places of your soul.

Maybe it started with a break-up, or an unfriended friend. Maybe it goes deeper through your family roots, or even — your church environment. Maybe, like me, it’s a seething combination of all of those.

Its the feeling of being unloved and unlovable.

Rejected. Unwanted. Forgotten. Unworthy.

No matter where that cold, dark lie has come from – it is just that – a lie.

But before we tackle it, lets first talk about what being loved by God really means. You see, we equate love with worthiness and approval. We do. Think about how you love those around you and how you receive love from them. We base love on acceptance. Making love something we earn, and if we don’t earn it- we aren’t loved.

Then we try to process the love of God the same way.

This lie, the lie that you aren’t worthy of God’s love, is false. It is a pervasive cancer to your faith. But God says: “I have loved you, my people, with an everlasting love. With unfailing love I have drawn you to myself.” Jeremiah 31:3

This lie can be defeated. It can be silenced by truth and you, my friend, can come out of that deep dark hole into the light of love, True Love. It will take surrendering your own abilities and understanding before the Lord, but the truth is yours for the taking:


And I can prove it, in 66 different ways.

(Here’s were the book review comes in – truth in condensed form).


Admittedly, I love to read and study the Bible. But never before have I stood on the same theme through out all 66 books. This seemingly small and cute book is LOADED with the most profound message you could ever grasp

The Love of God for you.

God’s love for you is not based on your behavior, your position, your abilities, your sin, or your faithfulness. It has NOTHING to do with your worthiness and everything to do with Him.

Let me repeat: God’s Love for you is NOT based on you.

Jennifer Rothschild (a super cool chic by the way!) has taken the entire Bible and followed one theme through each and every book, from Genesis to Obadiah through Titus, Jude and Revelation. Every book carries the same truth – GOD LOVES YOU. And this is His story of pursuing you with perfect love.

We can all quote John 3:16 and everyone knows about the “love chapter” in 1 Corinthians. But there’s more, tons more. It will overwhelm you. His love is poured out over the pages of the Bible, an incredible love story written just for you.

Here are just a few of my favorite insights from Jennifer’s book:

His love came in Genesis where he spoke everything else into being, but you… you “He reached down into the dust and with his hands He fashioned you with His very own fingerprints”. (pg 12)

His love shows in the story of Ruth through the longing to belong. “Like Boaz, Jesus takes all of our liabilities and makes them his own. His love makes you family.” (pg 33)

In Ezra, God poured out His love in the midst of loss, feeling all the feelings and never abandoning His people in the mess. (pg 54).

In Daniel, even in the fire God’s love will come. “Sometimes we see God’s love for us most clearly when He chooses to endure the sorrow with us, to feel the pain right there beside us.” (pg.89)

In Titus, confusions melts away revealing connection. “God’s love interrupts our confusion with clarity and gives us confidence that we are His.” (pg 177).

This little book has awakened a hunger in me like never before. His love is all consuming and as it saturates me I am left undone. I want to dig deep into the Word, to see His love revealed in the smallest of places and most obscure places of my world, starting with me.

You are Loved.


I AM GIVING A COPY OF Jennifer Rothschild’s book “66 WAYS GOD LOVES YOU”!!!

But first- let my book geek speak. This book is seriously amazing. it is beautifully illustrated with flowers and paisley-like designs. But don’t let that fool you- this book is powerful. From the moment you open it in Genesis you’ll be glued to every word – promise!

So how do you win?!!

SHARE this Review on your social media sights – Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. The more you share the more entries you’ll get in the drawing. Be sure and tag me so I can add your name in the drawing for EACH share. You can click the share buttons right here on this page – or copy the link from your browser and paste it into your social media post- just make sure you tag @BrandiRennemeyer or #BrandiRennemeyer so I can count you in!! I will announce the winner on Thursday!!

I can’t wait to hear your revelations from soaking in His love!!


7 Comments on “I AM LOVED A Book Review & GIVEAWAY!

  1. Still really haven’t figured out Twitter yet just open account few days ago .I think I did some tweets for the book contests but mostly been doing it on Facebook and tagged you.


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  3. I am loving this series u are doing.i just open a Twitter account I don’t know much about it I shared it there how do I tag you.my name on Twitter is doublea


    • Hi Noelle!!
      I love that we can do this study together!! God is working things out in you and stirring up a boldness in your spirit!! 🙌🏼
      I think the easiest way to share and tag in the same post in Twitter isby retweeting- so if you want- go onto my Twitter page and retweet! You a even do it several times over the next few days! 😁 And get more entries!


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