Truth Statement: I am Redeemed

We are not perfect. Every night we go to bed determined to do better than today’s best only to muck it up before the first sip of coffee. Old tendencies, old mindsets, trigger points and stumbling blocks barricade us in our past like a prison. Days turn into weeks turn into months turn into years and we begin falling backward into lies.

the lie: I will never overcome. I will always be the worst version of myself. I will never break free from the shame of ____.

Do you remember Calvary? The one event in the history of all mankind that so altered our world that time literally split in half. Friend, that one event is enough to erase all of your mishaps, your mistakes and your misrepresentations. That one event change how you are defined. You are no longer defined by your past, you are defined by your future.

the truth:
I have swept away your offenses like a cloud, your sins like the morning mist. Return to me, for I have redeemed you. Is. 44:22


See also: Lam 3:58; Luke 1:68, 1 Peter 1:18-19

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