Five Minute Friday

Hello Friday! Man am I glad to see you!! Not only for obvious reasons, but because you are where my life preserver began. You see, almost 3 years ago I started jumping in with a flash mob of writers every Friday. They helped me find a rhythm, they helped me get over the fear of writing, they challenged me. And this week… well this week I needed those reminders.

A writer is someone who writes. No other conditions applied. I needed that uncomplicated reminder.

So here I am on a Friday, sharing my writing with my most favorite flash mob EVER!



I am guilty of underestimating the power of 5 Minutes.

In 5 Minutes I can load the washing machine, load the dinner dishes into the dishwasher, or even Microwave some steamy fresh green beans.

5 Minutes could be the difference between dropping my kids off at school or having to park and walk them in. It is the difference between rushed and on time without question. I’d even go as far as saying it is the crucial pivot between hitting that stop light or sailing through it like a pro.

5 minutes has also made a huge difference in my writing. I’ve been able to pour out my heart in a free unedited space. While at first that made me squirm, it ultimately gave my soul some unabridged freedom. It is the difference between my overly critical self and my open heart conversation.

Without Five minutes of free writing I may have over analyzed myself right back into silence. Five minutes has set my perfectionism straight.

Whether it is 5 minutes of writing, or 5 minutes of prayer even 5 minutes of playing with your kids. It is ultimately a powerful 5 minutes of change.


~ I may be linking up today with this Five Minute Friday flash mob of fantastic writers – but you should also know that I am gonna go crazy about this community on Monday! We have a SUPER cool announcement!! ~



4 Comments on “Five Minute Friday

  1. Brandi, I am so lucky to have read your post. It is so nice to meet you. Five minutes is significant. I realize that whenever I just sit and wait quietly. Five minutes is long. I love writing with the FMF group. I think it helped define me as a writer, too.


    • Gabriele! Thank you for coming by! I agree, Five Minutes can be crazy long in light of our fast moving world. But in it’s length there is so much life! So happy to meet you!! Keep writing! The world needs your words!


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