Five Minute Friday



There are certain things that I hold dear. Things I really, truly cannot live without. They get me up at dawn and sustain me through storms. I rejoice over them and experience deep heart ache – sometimes all at the same time.

Love. Hope. Faith. 

You can take my house, my car, cancel my memberships, even take my dignity. But if either of these three things come up on the chopping block…

I’ll get fierce. 

These are the essence of my soul. Without them, well, I’m not living. But they aren’t guaranteed. Nope. They don’t come without sacrifice and they most certainly aren’t handed on a silver platter.

It takes protection to keep them. 

Like the saying goes- Love is a verb. To keep love alive I must do and pursue and give.

To hold onto Hope I must fight off doubt. Literally. Anything contradictory is rejected and pushed aside.

And faith. Well, faith starts as a seed. Simple and small. But I must tend it’s growth and protect it from harsh circumstances.

Be on guard. Stand firm in the faith. Be courageous. Be strong. (1 Corinthians 16:13)


Hey! This post is part of a really fun Mob of writers. We take a one word prompt and free-write for 5 minutes. No editing. No long thinking… (ok sometimes I cheat here). And then we all gather together to cheer each other on. It’s crazy fun! Come check us out: Five Minute Friday

P.S. BOOK UPDATE!! Five Minute Friday book is nearing completion (I totally saw a sneak peak- it’s going to ROCK. Eek, I can’t wait to show you!!) 


6 Comments on “Five Minute Friday

  1. I’m excited about the FMF book too- can’t wait to see it! I love your thoughts on protecting faith, hope and love and fighting to keep hold of them. It is a battle sometimes. Your picture sums it up perfectly too.


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