Did I Hear God Wrong?

Have you ever asked yourself that question? Do you ever wonder in the in-between of dreaming and achieving — “Man, Did I miss it?”

I have.

A lot.

Recently I found myself in a season of questioning. I was questioning everything, well almost. I didn’t question my marriage, but EVERYTHING else.

Did I hear God right when He told me to write? Did He really ask me to write THAT book? Am I really cut out to be a mom? A mom of 3? A mom to a daughter? A mom to sons? Did God seriously ask me to jump into ministry? …And a dozen more “Did He really” questions.

As I sat there in the midst of my doubt drought, somewhat in self-pity, the Lord very boldly asked me — “Brandi, do you really believe what I say?” And instantly I knew He wasn’t talking about a specific one of those questions, but about everything that comes from His mouth (including His word).

So do I? Do I believe? Do you?

I believe in Jesus as the miraculous son of God, born of a virgin. But do I believe that He has fully equipped me to be a mom?

I believe in the Crucifixion and the Resurrection. But do I believe that God really can restore my dreams and heal my body?

I believe in the authenticity and validity of the miracles listed in Acts. I believe in the stories of the Old Testament and the preaching of the Disciples and Apostles in the New Testament. So do I believe that God can use me in ministry today?

I believe that God inspired the writing of the Canon (Holy Scripture) through ordinary men. Can I believe that He speaks to me and can inspire creativity in me?


Over and over and over again God met His people. He provided and followed through with promises. He called them out and set them up. God is the great I AM. He established a nation through a barren couple. He led His people out of centuries of slavery. He split seas and bled out rocks. He wrote on walls and crushed cities. He made shepherd boys renowned Kings and outcast women Queens. He took ordinary and made them miraculous. He took prophecy and made it flesh. He unified a random twelve and started a movement that has withstood all of time. He walked on water and healed the broken. He befuddled wise men and inspired the simple. He’s not in a grave.

If I believe all of that — why wouldn’t I believe it when He calls me anointed, fully equipped, and one of His own? Why wouldn’t I believe that He means it, I mean really means it. And if He means it, then the part about calling me to do things, go places and be me… well… He means it.

So, shake the dust off. Pour living water all over that drought-dry soul of yours and press on. You didn’t hear wrong, and yes, He really means it.


* Linking up with the Fabulous RaRa Cheerleaders!! Come check it out (here)- a whole page of encouragement, it like Chocolate Cake all day!! 


5 Comments on “Did I Hear God Wrong?

  1. Boy, can I relate to this. All it takes is one little thought of doubt to creep in and I am asking myself those same questions. Thank you for reminding us that when He calls us, “He really means it.”


  2. Brandi, I think we’ve all been here! That place where we question if we’ve done the right thing, if we’ve heard God right and are capable of what’s ahead. We tend to question those things that God has written on our hearts, but may not be written in ink. I love how you changed your focus from your doubts to who He is. That is such a powerful transition isn’t it? When we focus on Him rather than ourselves, we begin to see His power working in us. Thanks for sharing today! Linking up at #RaRaLinkup


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