Happy Mother’s Day

Motherhood pic

Just in case you were wondering. You totally rock this mothering thing. Not only are you flat-out the best lookin’, you are the best choice for your children. You are perfect for the job. No one could do it better.

You have exactly what it takes. Your words are rightly fitted for them, your insight is what they are looking for, your hands give them what they need- precisely when they need it. Your talents, your skills, your ideas -they inspire them.

You fluff the pillow just right, and know exactly where everything is at a moments notice. No one, in the history of mankind can make banana bread like you, no one knows exactly where to scratch their back. You snuggle them just so and usher in the dreams like a pro.

You know, out of everyone in the stadium or auditorium or even the sidelines, your gaze means more than the world to them. No one’s approval, applause or accolades will ever mean more to your child than yours.

It’s your voice they listen for, its your hug they run to, its your love that fuels them forward in this thing called life.

You are Mom, and you rock it!

Happy Mother’s Day!

Oh and ps. My BFF wrote this blog on Thursday and it made me cry. If you’re a Mom who longs for more come check it out ~ “Because Motherhood wasn’t Enough” by Beth Kinder


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