Can I Share?

Its gray and cold outside and I’m snuggled up on my couch thumbing through emails, Facebook and Instagram. Perhaps you are too, so as we pass the grapes and sip the warm morning coffee I thought we could also share the good stuff we find on the web.

Are you a Mom? Me too, I sometimes get all lost in the carpool shuffle and the pile of mundane dishes. This post by Lisa Jo Baker was a volt of encouragement to my weary soul and I wonder if you might need one too.

The video made me cry – probably because in 2 minutes she called me out and touched my soul. The dreaming part of my soul. Do you have forgotten dreams? Or perhaps a wound so deep you can’t imagine life without it. In all honesty I want to be like this woman when I grow up. This is her latest book and is NEXT on my list. Check out: Christine Caine’s Unashamed. 

My dear friend, Katie Reid wrote this blog post and it also spoke to me this week… I’m hearing a theme in what God is saying about doing and being and overcoming.


I think of you often. Thanks for chillin’ on the couch with me today. May your weekend rock some socks!




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