I am gathering again tonight with a group of writers. Not because I have something important to say- but because I want to hone my craft. These people challenge me to do just that. Come ~ Check it out! Click here. One word prompt. Five Minutes.

Five Minute Friday


I had to make a choice. The opportunity was presented and an answer was required. Wait too long and it would mean something else. Answer too quickly and the risks may be too great.


The choices we make today profoundly impact our tomorrows. Adulthood seems to preach that more and more with each passing birthday. Time matters. And how I spend it is my permanent signature.

Oh we try to weigh all the what if’s, analyzing the hows and whens and whats. We ponder. We plan. We adjust. But bottom line. It’s a choice. Take the step or don’t. The details will follow either way. No comes with its own set of demands, just as much as the yes.

Perhaps the decision isn’t in the what will you do, but instead, in the who will you be?





3 Comments on “Decide

  1. I think figuring out who will be and living that out intentionally is a very important decision to make. I was your FMF neighbor.


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