I stood there in my kitchen, her tears echoing in my ear. Life is brutal sometimes, okay, a lot of the time. Setting the phone down, I let her ache sink deeper in my mind; reminding me so much of my own. Mine numbed by time, her’s fresh with gaping wounds.

Questions swirled… why? …How? I glanced out the window as the wind whipped through the leaves with a vengeance. “It doesn’t make any sense, God… and it isn’t fair at all” I whispered.

Something a man named Job once said echoed through the violent dance of leaves.  “The Lord gave and the Lord has taken away; may the name of the Lord be praised.” (Job 1:21b)



This man confuses me, his story compounds my wrestle. How can someone loose everything and not throw fists at the heavens? And why did God call him blameless?

How do you worship the Lord when the world under your feet completely gives way? How do you cling to faith in the midst of darkness, where hopelessness seems rampant and God sounds like silence? How do you praise God from a pile of ashes?

The answers to those questions have to be tucked somewhere within the word of God. Sure, faith can sometimes look like a field of daisies in the sunshine, where prayers are answered and the whole earth sings the hallelujah chorus. But more often than not, faith is hard and downright messy with the foul of sweat and ugly tears. You might even call it bloody as we fight to hold on to the promises of God. I know no better place to dig for truth about that battle than in the book of Job.

Will you join me? Can we talk about it with our real voices and not the pretend smiles we wear to hide the pain? Can we be brutal with ourselves about how hard it is to go through tough seasons and still believe in God?

Good. I’ll put on the coffee.


This is the first post in a series ~ we will sit with Job among the ashes to talk about faith in the midst of trial. I have no idea how long this series will take… but I do know it will happen every week (maybe even twice a week!). If you don’t want to miss one- sign up to meet us in your email inbox. I’m so eager to meet with you and talk about real faith in real life. Also, a GREAT online (and Mobile – my all time favorite Bible App) resource to study and read through the Word is Biblegateway.com ~ check them out!! All scriptures throughout this series will link back to their website, feel free to read the verses in different translations by clicking the emboldened reference – i.e.  Job 1:1). Ok- enough chat – I’ll see you all very soon with Job chapter 1! 


5 Comments on “Embers

  1. Some of my favorite verses on hope in the midst of trial come from Job. I think he gives us permission to wrestle through the hard times and cry out to God in the midst of confusion. “Oh that I may have my request, that God would grant me what I hope for.” Job 6:8…the Lord brought me that verse just this week. Such hope among Job’s ashes. Great to catch up with you, Brandi.


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