Sunday Selah

So now, may the God of peace make you His own completely and set you apart from the rest.
May your spirit, soul and body be preserved, kept intact and wholly free from any sort of blame
at the coming of our Lord Jesus the Anointed.
For the God who calls you is faithful, and He can be trusted to make it so.
1 Thessalonians 5:23-24 (Voice)

It’s daunting, this walk of righteousness. The world spins on distortions. Distracting greed, relentless selfishness, savory desires; they all pull and tug for your focus. Sometimes even fellow sheep seem to feed this battle through jealous comparisons and gossipy discussions.


But God has called you higher, you know it. He has called you to be His love on display. You are a radiant exhibition of His goodness, His self-control, His perseverance, His mercy. This is His light of righteousness through your life.

It is not by your doing, but by the God who has called you. He alone is faithful and trustworthy to bring those things out in you. You will be preserved with the integrity of the Holy Spirit.

Chin up, lovely, He is faithful.


*this post originally appeared on Drop of Encouragement at Remade Ministries.


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