Waving the White Flag

You know that moment when you are treading water, striving against the weight of the waves? The ocean bottom to far to fathom, but the shore to distant to decipher. You kick and swipe, you lean your head back. The grunts come instead of breaths. Your muscles swell to anvils and your bones sink lower into your body. You flounder, but press on. You are in this to the end you say. Must. Complete. Don’t. Give. Up. STAY. ABOVE. SINKING.



But then out of sheer depletion, you let go. Giving in to the depths and relenting to any outcome. Every single muscle relaxes, every cell in your body exhales and then inhales fresh oxygen.

And you float to the surface. 

It was as if the fight of survival against the waves was futile, all you had to do was surrender to them.

We’re talking all things surrender over at Katie’s place today for her #UnravelingGrace series. Come chat with us. Click the picture below!

fragrance of surrender


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