I lived

Today is the first day of a new beginning. It is the first step forward in a journey of tomorrows and I want to savor it in the now. All of its splendor, all of its gifts of greatness and its gifts of pain. I want to hold them all while I can.

Because tomorrow may not come.

Leap of Faith by Nicki Varkevisser

Life is a series of changes, and moments of growth. It is filled with quiet days where nothing happens and other days where everything happens. Life is a million breaths and just as many tears. It is filled with sunrises and smiles and nighttime serenades of crickets. It’s blazing sun and bitter chill.

Life is mine to live. It is mine to give. Because it was first given to me.

And I want to leave it planted as a place of legacy for those who follow behind me. I am mindful of how I’m spending it, doing my best to steward it with grace and nurture it with love. All of the twists and turns, the weaving of days, it adds up to something. This unique adventure of mine tells a story, a glory story. And when the end comes, may it simply be titled:

I lived.


5 Comments on “I lived

  1. Well written, Brandi. Betty has been with me all week. She said she’s been in Omaha and Iowa for a month. She is limping around a little, but we went to see WAR ROOM and we’ve been shopping. Love, GG


    • I’ve been learning about living more fully right where we are. It’s amazingly freeing when we finally grasp this simple concept- we make it more complicated than it needs to be. Thank you for stopping by. 🙂


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