Sunday Selah

 “Step out of the traffic! Take a long, loving look at me, your High God,
above politics, above everything.”
Psalm 46:10 MSG

The swirling moments that disrupt your days can grey the skies. Pressure surging you forward to be more, do more, have more. It never works out that way; the more it simmers the more you need to be, do and have. It’s a relentless coercion. A vicious compression of your soul.

Some call it “keeping up with the Jones’”. While others, immersed in the news and headlines call it being “informed”. Some push and strive to “achieve the dream”. Either way, it is a whirlwind. Whipping you to and fro. Battle torn. Empty.

Just pause. Be still. Notice. There are fountains of peace-filled water flowing around you. There are songbirds of joy and kisses of warm sunlit love. The battle may rage, but not you. You stand firm on the solid rock of your High God, resting in His steady, continuous grace.

Know that even the winds and the waves answer to Him, Be still and know He is God.

Light through the Trees


*this post first appeared in Drop of Encouragement at Remade Ministries.


~ Hey friends!! I have missed you all, so very much. This summer was a very focused season of specific writing… and I am ready to stretch out a bit and rest in the wide open spaces of creativity. My soul longs to dance among the words and punctuation on a page. So guess what? I’ll be blogging more here starting next week! Woo Hooo! (Don’t worry book fans, I am still diligently working with Stand With Hannah Joy to produce a beautiful Narrative Non-fiction about faith in the hard places. ~grin).


4 Comments on “Sunday Selah

  1. Brandi, We are so limited by time. Right now I am so overwhelmed. I am plowing thru over 100 emails in my INBOX. Some I can delete, but others require a reply. Betty and Maurie were with me last weekend and they will be back this weekend. Then the following weekend 21th-23rd, they will be with me Friday and Sat and drive home on Sunday. When I can’t get done what is on my TO-DO-LIST, it really upsets me. Love, Grandma


    • Peggy, I hear you. Life has crazy seasons for sure. I will pray that God surrounds you with tangible peace, guiding you through all of these to-do’s.
      Lean into Him and He will sustain you.
      Love you!


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