Beyond the Shore into Deeper Waters…

Have you ever looked back on the course of your life and realized that you’ve actually waded far deeper than you thought you had, let alone than you thought you could?

Yeah, me too.

Sometimes that can be a scary thing, wading deeper and deeper until you’re treading water. Maybe it means you’ve gotten far off track or worse- you’ve gotten lost. But it could also mean that you have gotten into something that originally you didn’t think you could do. Now that you’re out here making it happen, it is more than apparent that you just might have found where you belong.

Yeah, me too.

You see, this blog started almost two years ago with a simple act of vulnerability. At the time, I hated that word. It was a step deeper into authenticity, something I’d been seeking since I nearly faced death, but it felt more like a leap. That one step has continued and continued and eventually turned into strokes and now I find myself writing a book and speaking in public. Yikes.

In 2011, I would have NEVER thought I’d be here. I am in way over my head… and I’m loving it!

So, today I am sharing how this wade-turned-swim got started over at for their Beyond The Shore Series. You gotta come hang out with me this week! Click the Pic below to read the post that started it all.

beyond the shore series graphic


2 Comments on “Beyond the Shore into Deeper Waters…

  1. A really inspiring story as I think everyone can relate to this kind of situation. Sometimes you get into something you don’t understand and you just make the best of it.


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