Another Sneak Peak… Part 1

I have another little snippet of the book I’m working on ready for you to sneak a glance at. (grin). I admit, I’m in love with words and writing this testimony has me savoring every moment with them. Words capture legacy and leave a mark on the world around us.

You have a story too, one of struggle and triumph, one that speaks of His glory.

I dare you to share it.



“Hope begins in the dark, the stubborn hope that if you just show up
and try to do the right thing the dawn will come.”
Ann Lamott

Moments in life can echo memories. Following an ambulance carrying my dying daughter to an emergency room is an echo for me. Fear and dread nipping at my heels, hope and anguish rhythmically flowing through my lungs. Only thirty minutes prior, I had been taping boxes while Hannah bobbed in the pool. Now I was chasing flashing lights, shaking uncontrollably, and praying feverishly while Hannah was fighting for her very life. There in the front seat of my friend’s car, my pleading prayers were met with a choice, a choice to believe or be overcome. Wobbly knees and all, I chose to believe.

My feet carried me inside those hospital doorways and down the sterile halls, my frantic heart beat racing past the echo of memories, I narrowed only for the faces of Hannah and Eric.

I found them surrounded by doctors and nurses, everyone in blue scrubs, nervously glancing back and forth with hushed tones on their lips. There were tubes everywhere and monitors beeping in alarming tones. With all the people swarming around her it was hard for me to get near. Eric was right there, though. He stroked her hand and leaned in close. Intense love stricken all over his face, he was whispering in her ear. You could see it, that deep, fierce, fatherly love. I love that about him. Right there stood my heart, love in the shape of a Daddy hovered over our promised legacy. Despite the dire circumstances and urgent responses, he would not be moved aside. Hannah needed to hear her Daddy’s voice declaring love and strength over her. And Eric needed to be there to say it. Time was nothing here, ticking by only in heart beats.

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