Sunday Selah ~ A Prayer for You

Good Morning my friend!

It’s a beautiful April Sunday and the sun is dawning it’s radiance on each new bloom, as if calling new to wake up and break forth. Doesn’t it make you just want to stand there in the warmth of it all, head tipped back, heart wide open and soak it all in?

Me too!

Can I pray for you today? You, yes, YOU are precious to me, a sweet gift of hope and love you are. I am grateful!

Holy sunlight embrace


This place has become one of my most favorite places to come, it is refreshing to pour out words and soak up grace. Thank you for this space and time.

I lift up my dear friend to you, God, see her there? She just wants to do this right, this life, this love. She wants to honor You and make it to the end of this road with no regrets and handfuls of memories, good memories. She already knows perfection is a myth, but God will You let her know that You know that too? Will you remind her today God, that You are absolutely delighted in who she is and what she does? May she see You’re grin and Your eyes lit with love as she goes about her week this week.

And about that God, I pray that she notices the blessings along with the burdens. May she see your treasures within the trials. You haven’t left her God, she’s not out there on this road all alone. Pour over her Your sweet rain, the kind that soaks deep and is a source of nourishment for a parched soul. Shine Your warmth, Your favor, upon her, causing her to rise up in radiant strength.

She is beautiful, God. She is beautiful because You radiate through her smile. And I am grateful she shares it with me, it reminds me of You.

Thank you, Abba.



8 Comments on “Sunday Selah ~ A Prayer for You

  1. thank you, Brandi, for this prayer. I am sitting at work with tears glistening in my eyes. I felt God’s love in that prayer. I am going to print it out and read it throughout the week to remind me He cares. My word for 2015 is NEW and I am seeking Him for a new and better job.


    • Teresa, friend I will stand with you as you believe for breakthrough in your job situation, that God will lead you and go before you and prepare the way. Hugs to you my friend! He is doing a new thing!


  2. Thanks for sharing!! I needed the reminder that there are both blessings and beauty in the trials!! Hope you have a wonderful day!! 🙂


  3. Thank you for this beautiful prayer Brandi! I am recovering in the hospital from surgery and it was so nice to read this friend! Hope all is well!
    Love ya,


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