I wasn’t there when the Heavenly Hosts sang Hallelujah over a starlit hillside and I wasn’t there the day the water turned to wine.

I didn’t touch the hem of Your robe or eat of the 5 loaves of bread. I wasn’t there when the fishing boats filled over flowing with fish and I missed the stench of Lazarus’ second chance.

I didn’t witness overturned tables in the temple, nor did I listen as You called the Pharisees to the carpet. When they began laying out palm branches, I was somewhere else.

When the judgement came, I wasn’t in the crowd to watch Your eyes and when the scourging happened I stayed put.

I wasn’t there when they put the crown upon Your head, and I completely missed Your horrifying journey to Golgotha.

I didn’t hear the crack of the hammer against the metal nails and I never smelled the scent of blood pouring over a parched and barren hill. The clouds bellowed and the earth shook but I didn’t feel it. The heavens grew dark and the world grew silent but I was not there.

I can’t even say that I have seen the empty tomb.

Even though I haven’t heard the audible of your voice or touched the warmth of your skin, I believe.


I believe that Love lives, even today. I believe because I have tasted the truth of freedom. I have felt the fullness of a promise kept. Like a summer breeze, your words echo truth, even into the depths of my darkness. You not only over came darkness, you sought me out when I was smothered by it. You sat with me in the midst of it, held my hand while it surrounded me. You called my name and poured out hope.

You haven’t left me.

I have seen Your Holiness in the glory of a sunrise and heard the chorus of songbirds chiming in with the roar of mighty waves. I have seen life bloom from what looks like ash.

I have received your faithfulness despite my wanderings. I was there when You shielded my soul from the scourging of shame. I witnessed Your hand guiding my surgeon while death beckoned.

I have tasted of Your gifts of abundance. I have felt the move of Your providence and witnessed, first hand the power of Your timely utterances. I know the demolishing power of forgiveness.

I have not met Your flesh, but I have been kissed by Your love.

I may not see the wind, but I believe it is entirely real, for I have felt it’s influence.

Then Jesus told him, “Because you have seen me, you have believed; blessed are those who have not seen and yet have believed.”        John 20:29


6 Comments on “Believe

  1. Oh so sweet. I believe. Greater is he who has not seen and yet still believes” ~Jesus.

    Good post my friend.


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