Lost with a Map

We’d been there for several days already but I hadn’t yet driven by myself. Until now. I had stayed behind with my youngest so he could nap. Everyone else had gone over to Uncle Jim’s for a football party. The quiet was soothing and as soon as my infant woke I planned to venture out to find a Target.

When the car was finally loaded with all the essentials, you know – diapers, sippy cup and extra snacks, we backed out the driveway and made our way out of the neighborhood to the stop light. As I sat there waiting for traffic to clear I realized… I have no idea where I am. I mean, I knew what city and street I was on and knew that Grandma’s house was behind me. But I had absolutely no clue what direction I was facing and had no bearings what so ever.

I wasn’t lost. But I didn’t know where I was.


You see, I live on the east side of the Rocky Mountains. (If you’ve never been here- you need to come. It. is. Gorgeous. I might be biased, yes, but I am no liar.) Here, directions are as easy as looking out your window or in your rearview mirror. If you can see the mountains you will always know which direction is West. If you know west, you can figure out the rest. It is like having a constant compass.

When sitting at that stop light in the midst of a midwest town I could not see mountains anywhere. But what’s crazy, even though I found my way to Target and back again just fine, I could not shake the subtle panic lurking beneath my calm surface. I may have been moving but I had no orientation and it was unnerving.

There is a profound difference between following directions and knowing where you are and where you are going. One is conditional on variables while the other is an assured credence.

That same feeling creeps up through my bones when I find myself wandering into foreign territory without the Holy Spirit. I may know the rule book, but it gets unsettling when the detours of life aren’t exactly spelled out on the map.

The Holy Spirit is something we take for granted until we find ourselves in the middle of a situation with no bearing on the truth. All of a sudden we are overwhelmed with feelings of uncertainty and our sight narrows with panic, our soul is trapped with fear.

When the Spirit of truth comes, he will guide you into all truth. John 16:13

The Bible says that when you know the truth, the truth will set you free. Truth is an assurance, it is your bearing on life and in it you will find freedom. Even in the middle of murky circumstances you can walk forward knowing who you are, where you are and where you are going.

He is the whisper behind me when I listen to a friend suffering unimaginable loss.

He is the light bulb of creativity when I have no other means of getting a message of discipline to my floundering preschooler.

He is the source of my silence when I want to shout at my husband.

He is the hand on my back when I face a history of pain with courage.

He is the Word, alive and active in my early morning quiet, my midday chaos and my evening rituals.

Like the mountains, He is a steady source found within a simple glance. Just look up. Lean in. Let Him bring truth alive.


Hey Loves, Just a quick housekeeping note… Remember that give away I mentioned last week… YEP today is THE DAY!! I thought it would be fun to video it (cause, I’m a little addicted to video blogs…) so I need do my hair first. (grin). I will post on the Faith2Shine Facebook page a bit later today. Click this Link and Come hang with me there. 

And we are linking up with Meredith Bernard, Holley Gerth and Jennifer Dukes Lee today! The have some great gatherings of writers, if you’re looking for some extra encouragement, inspiration or just a great smile go check them out!


17 Comments on “Lost with a Map

  1. There’s a line in a For King and Country song that has just stuck in my mind: “it takes a soldier who knows his orders to walk the walk I’m supposed to walk” It reminds me that I need to stay tuned in to the Holy Spirit for my walking orders with soldier-like obedience, even if I’m only being told about the one next step to take and not the whole big picture. Hard to not ask for the whole map and turn-by-turn navigation!


  2. Brandi, I like your story about finding Target from my house. Let me tell you the hilarious story of your mother-in-law and me getting hopelessly lost trying to find Kelly’s baby shower. I had “the map”, but it only showed a couple blocks with no street signs. Betty and I just took off thinking it was only minutes from my house. Well, 1-1/2 hours later we arrived at the shower, but it was all over and almost all the guests had already gone home!! Love, Grandma Gray


  3. That panic… gets me everytime… why do I forget every direction He’s guided me through so far and why do I forget everything I know about His faithfulness?
    This felt so familiar, reading your words. Blessed by your reminders to lean into His familiar truth!


  4. I’m directionally-challenged so I hear you. 🙂 I need a map to get from here to there. But knowing where we are–in Christ!–is a beautiful thing just like the mountains. Leaning in with you.


  5. What a wonderful analogy! We moved three years ago, and I still feel lost in my new home state because the geography is flat–the map says I’m going south and I feel like I’m going west. Very confusing! And now that you mention it, that’s the exact feeling I get when I fail to ask for the Holy Spirit to guide me.


  6. I love your post today – it’s a breath of fresh air! I’m so encouraged to see your hearts desire to reach woman or any audience with the thoughts and expressions that your feeling! I just wanted to bless you with some encouragement!

    Love you lots! Sent from Paul’s iPhone



  7. “He is the light bulb of creativity when I have no other means of getting a message of discipline to my floundering preschooler.” I KNOW this is the truth, along with everything else in that list about how the Holy Spirit guides us. It is so important to pay attention to it, too! Thank you for sharing this! I love your writing style!
    (Your neighbor at Meredith’s!)


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