Sunday Selah

I had the distinct honor this weekend of watching a dear friend send her book baby out into the big wide world. It was laborious up to the very last moment, but let me tell you… that moment was glory filled. Each seat yesterday was filled with someone looking for hope, looking for breakthrough and God met them there.


Watching each seat fill, listening to words exchanged and then seeing lines to purchase her book sent tears to the brims of my eyes on more than one occasion. I have watched Beth and her team sweat, bleed and cry for this day. I sat with them in hunched over, broken prayer. Their long nights and hectic days all lead up to this one, beautiful day.






Remade Minsitries Team and Beth Kinder I am so very proud of you. You have served God with your absolute very best and it has inspired me, humbled me and blessed me beyond words.


He turns a deseret into a pool of water, dry land into springs of water. He causes the hungry to settle there, and they establish a city where they can live. They sow fields and plant vineyards that yield a fruitful harvest. He blessed them, and they multiply greatly; He does not let their livestock decrease. Psalm 107:35-38 



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