Sunday Selah but with Swords

I’m sure you’ve seen it by now. Its that picture on the beach. Restrained orange bowed low while violent black torments above. It haunts me. Maybe it does you too. We pause and shutter.

And then scroll on to the next cat video.

My head is comfortable in the sand. Ignorance truly is bliss and if I keep scrolling I don’t have to stay uncomfortably haunted. But here’s the thing… that image has been seared to the backdrop of our faith and ignoring it doesn’t lessen it’s power. In fact, it’s the power that is haunting me.

The power wasn’t in the men in black.

It was in the front line of orange. It was in their faces of steady and calm. It was in the resolve of those 21 men as they knelt in faith. My faith.

This wasn’t a battle of Islam verses Christianity, this was a battle of an evil devourer who was fully aware of the power within those men in orange. He is also fully aware of the influence our scrolling thumbs can have on stiff-kneed faith. And it begs the question: what if? Not what if it were me on that beach… but

What if we believed the Word of God as much as our enemy does?

What if we believed in the POWER of the Word of God as much as our enemy?

Storm in Panama City by Kim Hill

I read this blog post by my friend Karla and it got me thinking about the power of the Word.

And then I came across this post by Ann Voskamp… and I wept. My apathy is not going to protect me, nor is it going to abolish evil. But neither is my vengeful anger or my political prowess.

My sword is not a physical weapon. No, it is instead, a heart broken by a Love I cannot express any other way but in scarred knees and outstretched hands.

“Only the undeniable love of the Cross can crush undeniable evil.
Either Jesus is the answer to the ultimate problems of the human condition — or there is no ultimate answer.
…maybe now is the time that there will be countless thousands of us who we will bend our knees at the great shores of history and let ourselves be counted as The People of the Cross.” ~Ann Voskamp


2 Comments on “Sunday Selah but with Swords

  1. Dear Brandi, Betty gave me a book: “Contemplating the Cross” and during Lent I am reading one short segment before I take daily Communion: just Jesus and me. I believe I receive spiritual, emotional and physical healing through the three-fold work of redemption revealed in Isaiah 53:5. I love you. Grandma G


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