Sunday Selah

Happy Valentines Day!! (Ok, I’m extending the celebration ~grin).

Love and Romance these days are strange words. Society wants us thinking they are words about power and sex. Let me just tell you, they are not.

Your worth, your love-ableness, is not determined by power or sexuality. In fact it’s not determined by anything that you do. Your worth was determined at the cross, long before you did anything – let alone exhibited power.



So today – revell in the Love shed for you.

Soak in the Love given to you.

Stand tall, head-held-high for the Love shining in you.

In case you missed it – this post was written last week just for you.

And because I needed this reminder- I’m sharing this list of true love too.




Come visit on Wednesday for a Giveaway!! Oh… and over the next several weeks I’ll be chatting about an AMAZING book about to launch (here’s a sneak peak). Seriously, this book is going to set your faith on FIRE and cause your heart to soar. Trust me- you don’t want to miss it.


One Comment on “Sunday Selah

  1. Happy Belated Valentine’s Day to you. The only special event in a long winter! Love is the greatest gift of the Holy Spirit. G.G.


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