A Love Letter

Hey Sister,

For just a moment let’s drop all of the masks and let go of all the expectations. The world can pause and we can let ourselves breathe. Can I just tell you something…

I see you. From yoga pants and 5K tee shirts to heels and Miss Me Jeans, no matter what it is you wear on the outside I want to link arms with you. The real you.

My friends from yester-years, yesterday and tomorrow… I love you. You are doing an amazing job at being you. And if no one else tells you that today- please know that I admire you for standing day in and day out in the places you have been. You’re stunning. And you walk a walk that speaks of strength – beautiful strength. You speak words of journeys and of life and of lessons.

And those words matter to me. Even when my eyes are closed, I am listening. Listening to really hear and understand, not to interject.

We fight each other when we need each other. We compare more often than we care. And I get it, i’ve done it and I’ve had it. Today, today I want to drop the pretenses and forgo the facade.

Beauty is not some marketing campaign. It isn’t found in a bottle, a tube, or a gym. It has absolutely nothing to do with fashion designers or jewelry makers. It isn’t found on stages or screens or even studios.

Beauty sails across ocean waves and dances among the pines. Its a symphony of song birds and the fragrance of spring. Beauty comes at the sound of a newborns cry. It resonates within the chambers of a heart beat. It feels like holding hands and grass under your toes. Beauty, your beauty, radiates like the morning sun and whispers like the stars in a moon-lit sky.

Girl, you are strong. Much more stronger than you think. And you are doing this “woman” thing right. In fact your nailing it. You nurture life around you when you are you. You inspire truth when your words spill out. You instill hope with the touch of your hands. You water parched soil with the genuineness of your cry. You fill empty spaces with harmony when you laugh. And your smile, my friend, it sheds light in all the dark places of the soul.

You are gorgeous.

And I love you.


Dancing Poppies by Jenny Downing

Linking up with Meredith Bernard for Woman to Woman Wednesday and Suzie Eller for #livefree Thursday.


16 Comments on “A Love Letter

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  2. Love, love, love this! It’s my heart’s cry. Honestly. That we would band together as strong women of faith and show the world who Jesus is through caring, through tangible acts of love and sacrifice, through making a difference, no matter if we are doing that in our Yoga pants (or my PJ’s which I’m still wearing even as I type) or our jeans.


    • Oh Suzie! I love that you were still in your PJ’s (me too!!!). Yes! Linking arms together to spread God’s glorious love is truly where the joy resides! Thank you so much for coming by – it is such a delight to get to link arms with you!


  3. Oh Brandi, this brought tears to my eyes! I needed this today, friend. Thank you for speaking out of your heart. You are beautiful, friend, and I’m so blessed to have you in my life even though distance keeps us from chatting over a latte. One day soon… 😉 Blessed to be your neighbor on #LiveFreeThursday. Love you.


  4. In my experience (I’ve come a long way down the road), I know of two sisters (not speaking of myself and my twin, of course), one of them wears a mask, is gorgeous, but not real and the other is just herself, not glamorous on the outside, but she is herself and she spends all her days helping others. I love the person who can be transparent, yet not running themselves down when they have so much to give. Love, Grandma G


  5. Brandi, You have been given a special message to touch those who feel discouraged, hurting and brokenhearted. You are able to give other women beauty for ashes, the oil of joy for mourning and the garment of praise for the spirit of heaviness. As you reveal your amazing inner beauty through this love letter, God’s radiance heals our lives.
    Blessings, Betty


  6. This is lovely. I had to re-blog your words of love and truth. Thank You for appreciating who God created us all to be. We are truly His Beloved. Your have ministered to my soul today. Your post will be re-read over and over again. Part of my devotional time.
    Thank You.


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