Sunday Selah

The dishwasher hummed and the house crept quiet while I sat down on the couch to watch one of my favorite prime time shows come to a sappy end. (Yes, I cried bawled. And Yes, it was Parenthood). And then as the sap turned to local reality I drifted. My heavy eye lids and propped up feet had finally won me over.

It was an ugly sleep, complete with drool and an awkward position. And then the dog snorted. Glorious. It’s been an hour (an hour that I could have been comfortable in my bed…)

And then rather dramatically it dawned on me – “it’s only Thursday and I still have to do it all over again tomorrow.”



It’s moments like that that make Saturday mornings and Sunday Afternoons incredibly majestic! Days where ugly-late-night-sleeps transfer to lingering coffee over newspapers and lego train races. All those hectic rushes to and fro throughout the week make for slower paces and rest in the end and you know, it’s kind of worth it.

So here I sit, (finally), reflecting on the first month of new goals, new rhythms and new disciplines. The days have zinged by, already pushing past the first rung on the 2015 ladder. I’ve won some personal victories and had a handful of melt downs and miss haps. But friend, that is the beauty of life’s jaunt.

This month I came across a few gems that have me pondering:

1. The every day mundane is like the paint used to make the Sistine Chapel; it holds Heaven’s Majesty if I render it for His Glory.

“Maybe God is most magnified when we’re faithful to our ministry of the mundane.” Betsy DeCruz

2. I have some amazing-encouraging-inspiring friends. And I really wish I could just have them over for coffee regularly. Check out this girl! I’m up in the bleachers dancing a crazy-embarrassing jig for you Abby McDonald!

3. I have too many books/blogs/authors to read and not enough hours in the day. But then I come across Emily who wrote a whole month of posts that pointed me forward. There’s hope and peace and space to breath my friends, there really is

How are you fairing in your new endeavors? 


One Comment on “Sunday Selah

  1. How am I faring in my new endeavors? I’m housecleaning. That’s one way to make this winter pass. You should see the 12” snow piled up on the curbs!!! (freezing) Love, G.G. P.S. Maurie’s going to love it when he drives to Omaha on Saturday.


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