Sunday Selah

The calendar is fresh. Open wide for dreams and goals and wishes. The page spreads out on the horizon hungry to be filled. What will the days ahead hold? What adventures and trials will sprinkle color across these next 300 some days?

As we step out in developing new habits and destroying old ones, as we face success and failure in each new dawn I can’t help but wonder what it is about a new year that calls out change? And how do we find change that lasts?

I read recently this Letter to the Real You  by Ann Voskamp. She has challenged me to take change to the inside. If I seek any change at all this year I start deeper than empty duties of daily actions ~ I start at the heart.

“And because the way you live your ordinary days is what adds up to your one extraordinary life.” ~Ann Voskamp

May your Sunday be a savoring of your ordinary. May your heart overflow with kindness, first to yourself. And may it pour into all of those around you.

Friends, I am working on an upcoming message about Beauty. Could you help me out a little in my research? I have a survey, quick and easy (and yes, gents you can help out too!). I’d really appreciate your input! Click the link below. And please feel free to share the link with anyone and everyone! 

Beauty Questionnaire 

Thank You so much!!

Light Bulb by Gonzalo Azpiroz


4 Comments on “Sunday Selah

  1. Change does start on the inside. People can do a lot to change the outside appearance, but the real change has to happen in the inside, and then it reflects on the outside as well. Great reminder and post! #bloggercaregroup


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