Who Knew?

Photo by Chris Jeavons

Twelve months ago I opened up a blank white page and began writing. Words poured out of my soul for days, then weeks and now a year. A whole year! It has been beautifully challenging and yet all entirely freeing. Who knew that a blank page could become artful worship?!

And those pages have brought my heart to life, out in the open. Freely dancing among letters and punctuation I have found my self. I have cried, I have stretched and I have rolled my head back in utter satisfaction. Who knew that glory could truly come from pain?!

The birth of this blog was a three year long incubation. In 2011 I discovered a whole lot of myself that had been buried deep in shame. (you can read about it here) Death stared me in the face and in a matter of hours I bled myself free. It was then that a new work began, transfusing life into my veins. For three years I sorted and sifted through the ashes. It felt slow and foggy. Life is like that sometimes and its hard to discern what’s really changing and happening. I couldn’t see outside of the cocoon but that was just fine. Because what happened next was beautiful.

2014 was an unraveling, a cracking open, an emerging. And over the course of the year I discovered how freeing it was to reflect light through an open blank page. A page of wide open clarity.

Photo by Chris Jeavons

January 4th is my “White Day”.  A day when I remember the process of shedding the dark cloak of shame and stepping out into the vulnerably wide open place of pure beginnings. If shame were a color, it would be black. A place where nothing is reflected and all light is lost.

But I’d like to color freedom with white, a place where light is entirely reflected. It’s gloriously wide and open. It’s a place where you are free to be you completely.

Here’s a toast to a year of discovering how beautiful white really is, and here’s to radiant reflections of faith and love and life.

Friend, I pray that as you take a few steps away from 2014 and a few more into the New Year that you savor the lessons gained and the opportunities yet to come. May you carry forward the gains made and may you let go of the things that weren’t meant to cross over. Before you is a white page, dance with it and turn it into a glorious reflection of who He created in you.

Scenery 8

In 2015 I am looking forward to more writing, blogging and blooming! It’s crazy fun and fills me in ways I cannot put into words (and that says a lot!).

Friends, I am writing a book! Yes- a real live book! (prayers appreciated). Watch for more details in the weeks and months to come.

As we step out into a new calendar of pages I am reflecting a bit on success and areas in need of improvement. Would you take 1 minute and offer a little input on this little slice of blogland – I have a super short survey and would most appreciate your thoughts!


Thank you so so much! Here’s to a breakthrough year!

(Aren’t these photos awesome?! They are the talent of my most favorite photographer: Chris Jeavons)


11 Comments on “Who Knew?

  1. Brandi, Your survey was closed. Maybe bcause I am late in reading your blog (?) Your piece was awesome. WOW! A masterpiece! And the pictures your dad took are spectacular. Love, Grandma G. P.S. I keep going back and looking at your Christmas picture. You are such a handsome beautiful family! They are so professional that I would never have guessed they were taken by your dad.


  2. Congratulations Brandi! Happy One Year blogging and keep going! I’m so excited about your book! Your heart and your words are so beautiful! Shine, keep shining!


  3. Much like you, Brandi, I’ve found great comfort in words. It’s amazing what God can do when we pour out our hearts before Him, isn’t it?! Blessings on the new book…it is a great faith walk. May He give you courage, assurance, and big, brave steps!!


    • Oh Tiffany! You said it so well – It is truly amazing what God can do when we pour our hearts out before Him! Thank you for the encouragement on the book – it is a big project that has simply stolen my heart! I’m so enthralled.

      Liked by 1 person

  4. Nodding while reading this. There’s nothing more liberating than putting your thoughts and feelings into words and sharing it to the world. I commend you for spreading beautiful things online. We need more of you in our world full of trashy things on the internet these days. Keep on writing. Congrats on turning a year on the blog! #bloggercare


  5. Brandi- I’m so excited for you! What an adventure you’re on! Praying the Lord blesses your pen and vision as you share what He’s doing in your life. Excited to read your book when it comes out! Blessing and hugs- Cindy- visiting from the #bloggercaregroup 🙂


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