Glory, Glory! {Chapter 8}

We are careening down the road at 80 miles an hour. I have hours and hours of work wrapped, bowed and bagged right next to the cooler of chopped, mixed, baked and arranged efforts. Its Christmas Eve and I confess, I am relieved.

The special-ness of this season takes work, lots and lots of work. Late nights. Scores of lists. Planning. Organizing. More planning. Coordinating. Phew. I’m grateful we are now implementing.

But if I quiet my soul and allow the beauty of this season to sink just a bit deeper I find my eyes brimming. This study through the Women of Christmas has been an anchor for me through all this hustle and bustle. While my body is weary my Spirit is alive and breathing in the wonder of it all.

The faith of Elizabeth and her steadfast trust moves my heart. Nothing in her circumstances indicated her miracle was close in coming. Yet she held on. She held tight to the Holy Spirit and waited. Waited long.

With a willingness to surrender all of herself to the beckoning of the Sovereign Lord. Mary opened her soul, her heart and her very body to serve God. She gave all she had, freely. I am in awe of her sacrifice and inspired by her readiness.

And Anna. Oh Anna. She worshipped every day, all day. In front of the crowds or hidden in the stillness of solitude, she maintained a reverent heart. Praise and worship came free flowing from her lips because she lived it everyday.

The familiarity of this story, the rote traditions of this season, have cracked open just bit for this wear soul of mine.

As we hustle to the next I am pondering the miraculous wonder of the gift. The gift of love. A love so pure, so deep, so consuming that the sky split open with glory. These women saw the glory and held the wonder of this sovereign love in the depths of their hearts. Untainted by differing circumstances and terrifying possibilities they worshipped with all they had.

Oh that I too, may bring Him the gift of my worship. Oh that I may come and adore Him with every part of my body, my soul, my heart.

May we pause long enough to behold Him and savor in His wondrous love. And then may we serve boldly and without reservation to honor Him.

Blog Christmas Greeting


Dearest friends, I am over-the-moon Thankful for you. 2014 has been an amazing year and you have been such a vital part of my life. I pray for you often and I will continue through out this season as we cross over into a new calendar! (oh, I get goosebumps thinking about that!). I love end beginnings!

I will be taking a short break here on the blog for about a week. But can I let you in on something so very cool….

Faith 2 Shine is fast approaching her FIRST ANNIVERSARY!!! Yes, it has been one ENTIRE year of words, of growing, of exploring…. of dancing out my soul on a keyboard!!! Please Save The Date for our little Birthday Party… January 4th, 2015. 

Merriest of Christmases to you dear ones! Oh how I have loved every minute of ours together this past year!


4 Comments on “Glory, Glory! {Chapter 8}

  1. Beautiful 😀 Merry Late Christmas – love your family pic by the way 🙂 So sweet. I definitely have felt the pinch this year as my first Christmas 40+ hours from my family, dealing with scheduling and busyness… so important to keep the right focus in mind 🙂


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