Come and Behold Him, Born the King of Angels {Chapter 7}

I remember the moment it first began to sink in for me. My mother had just left, I stood at the door, holding my newborn and waved her goodbye. Her tail lights faded into the distance and suddenly, so it seemed, this babe’s whole life rested in my very decisions. His little life went far beyond feeding schedules and diapers. It became crystal clear right then that the easiest part of parenthood had just sailed down the highway.

In the flurry of postpartum, the shepherds came and brought Mary confirmation. But as the dust of their feet settled and the harolding Angels quieted the skies, maybe her soul began to find a routine with diapers, nursing, sleeping and soothing. Her new little family found more appropriate housing and she began to make it a home. A whole month of tender cuddles and sleep-less nights. It’s a process, isn’t it? This transition into motherhood. Little by little you make room for new schedules, routines, duties and then little by little you find yourself back out in “real life”.


Except real life for Mary and Joseph would never be simply routines and parenting methods. In the cool of the night, as the stars sparkled above, I wonder if Mary trembled a bit. She, newly married and far from home. Maybe even distanced from her own mother in ways that miles couldn’t redeem. Now, not only mothering for the first time, but caring for the Son of God.

Yahweh’s own child.

Maybe these enormous thoughts stayed tucked out of sight in the flurry of labor, delivery and newborn-hood? Until she came to face to face with the Holy Spirit again, there in the house of worship. God so faithful came, and painted the whole picture for her and Joseph. Yes, she had stretched and blossomed to give His spirit flesh. Yes, she had labored with pain and groaning to bring Him to earth. And now, she would have to nurture and hold in confidence His purpose, His future.

Stunned, awe-struck, speechless. Frozen at the grandeur. Terrified.

As they stood there soaking in thought, I wonder if tears streamed down their faces. The power of the Almighty snuggled right next to her beating heart. This master plan of Salvation just exposed to their humble hearts. It is overwhelming to read; living it – how did they not crumble to their knees?

The miracles had only just begun. As she stood in there in the midst of the crowd, Simeon’s words still wet in her ears, I imagine her head raising towards the sunlight sky and her heart breaking open before the Lord. “How can I do this without you?”

When you step out into the place God has called you, you are at first, exhilarated. And then… you realize that this only happens by the Sovereign Hand of God. Your miracles have only just begun, my friend.

“Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged, for the Lord your God will be with you wherever you go.”    Joshua 1:9



This post is part of a Christmas Series through the Women of Christmas, by Liz Curtis Higgs. If you’d like to read previous posts find more here, here and here.

Our last post in this series will be live Wednesday morning! Friends, this book has been such a saving grace amidst all the craziness this season. I do pray that you have had stolen moments of wonder with Him. I love hearing your thoughts and experiences along this journey!


2 Comments on “Come and Behold Him, Born the King of Angels {Chapter 7}

  1. You have a way sometimes of opening these messages in such a manner that the reader is drawn in immediately. I can envision the fear, indecision, uncertainty yet joy of the moment in the Mom. I can see her standing on the porch, sun setting, waving at the departing vehicle and holding her newborn tight. Mary – all Moms – must experience the same feelings as they start their parenting journey. Great job, Brandi.


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