The Great Comforter {Chapter 4}

For centuries it had appeared that God had stepped back from the planet. No remarkable headlines floated amongst His people about His workings or presence. Centuries.

And then one starry night THE archangel stands before a tender teenager in a “no-where” village. He gives her the gift that generations had been searching for, the fulfillment of a promise given centuries before. Her mother’s mother’s mother had been dreaming of this day. Whispered hopes hovered around the well year after year after year, daydreaming of Isaiah’s prophecy. The wait was over, but now she must carry the weight.

The Messenger leaves and she ponders. The words settle in her heart and the thoughts swarm in her soul. I bet she couldn’t sleep under those winds of wonder. Visions of past conversations had over dinner about this very prophesy flashed to questions for Joseph and their marriage; what if’s, what thens. The enormity of God’s word being proven true – after all these years… after all these centuries. She needed to talk it out, to process all of this wonder. As her eyes paced back and forth searching for who, I bet a slight grin lifted her head as she realized the Angel had already given her her next step. Elizabeth.

Have you ever held on to a dream, a promise, a long-awaited blessing and at it’s arrival find yourself bursting to share it with someone, not just anyone but a trusted someone who’d get it?! Me too, except I have also made the mistake and shared it with the wrong person. Only then finding myself swimming in doubt afterwards; doubt that the dream, the blessing, was actually true and real. Fear crept in easy through those doubt-filled words of naysayers.

Mary, with a beautiful promise tucked deep in her soul, traveled for at least a week, only discussing the weather, the road conditions and the stubborn donkey at the back of the line. Watching her feet go one in front of the other, thoughts still swirled around her. Admiring and worshiping for the beauty of the land around her, yet still having to silence the threatening whispers of doubt and fear. Perhaps like the terrain, her mind climbed heights of faith and sometimes stumbled down cliffs of uncertainty.


Finally arriving at her relative’s door, with hope pounding in her chest and fear pulling at her sleeves. Would Elizabeth believe her? What would Zechariah say? Would the neighbors hear?

She calls with a “Hello!”

Like a rushing wind and a burst of radiant sunlight the heavens open up and shower her with the presence of the Holy Spirit. Elizabeth greets her with more than a response; Mary is met with confirmation, encouragement and pure love. The love of her Holy God radiates through the moment and settles all of those fears and doubts.

This moment has tears pouring down my face. I get it. I long for that release too. The kiss from heaven that says: “I see you, I have called you. Don’t fear for I am with you, wholeheartedly. You are never alone and I knew you needed this confirmation, this understanding.”

There was no way Elizabeth could have known other than through the revelation of the Holy Spirit. And even Mary wouldn’t have had many symptoms confirming her pregnancy… she needed this encounter. God knew. And with all of the love of a Sovereign Lord for His people He greeted her with confirmation. He wasn’t going to leave her to this journey all alone, just like He won’t leave you all alone either.

The Great Comforter, The Great Advocate, The tangible presence of the Lord surrounds you always. He sees you and your promise, your dream, your hope. Don’t fear.

“Oh Lord, You’re Beautiful
Your face is all I seek
For when Your eyes are on this child
Your grace abounds to me.” *

The magnitude of the sovereign power of the Lord God of Israel was not too vast to cradle the tender seed of faith blossoming in the heart of a young woman. It was in those sacred moments where the belief of a mother’s heart and the echo of a tiny heart beat melded faith into a glorious resolve.

And so it is with you, my dear friend. This is His gift to you. 


*Lyrics from Keith Green’s “Oh Lord, You’re Beautiful

This post is part of an Advent Series! We are finding ourselves on our knees before a manger beholding our savior in deeper ways through Liz Curtis Higg’s book: The Women of Christmas .

You can find the other posts in this series here: Noel Nights. Next week we’ll have a guest!

~ We are also linking up with Meredith Bernard’s Women to Women Wednesdays. 🙂 Such a good day!!


11 Comments on “The Great Comforter {Chapter 4}

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  4. Wow. To hear Him say, “I knew you needed this confirmation, this understanding.” How often I hear Him whisper these words to me. Yet I still doubt, fear, and question Him at times. Thank you for this beautiful post.


  5. Wow. To hear Him say, “I knew you needed this confirmation, this understanding.” How often I hear Him whisper these words to me, yet I still doubt, fear, and question Him at times. Thank you for this beautiful post.


    • He is so faithful to keep whispering to us through the doubt. I too struggle and come back to Him often asking Him, “Lord, just one more time, are you sure I heard you right?” Oh how He rushes in to help our unbelief!
      I pray He surrounds you with blessed assurance this season Barbara Ann! I am so glad to journey with you!!


  6. With all the technology and the ease with which we have things, it’s hard to really imagine what Mary went through. Away from her family, giving birth to her first child… not to mention knowing that He was God’s only Son…talk about the responsibility of it all.

    thanks for this. thanks for the thoughts about Jesus during this Christmas Season



    • Hi Marie!
      I know! Can you imagine walking for a week to visit an aunt – not being able to text your fiancé about your whereabouts and whether or not you made it. Not to mention the reality of being an unwed mother AND it being the Son of God! Mary’s journey is one we often jump over – but there is such depth to her. {Hugs} dear friend!


  7. Yup – bursting to share and then finding you were vulnerable with the wrong person. I have walked that path and it is a devastating one. But again, yes – God meets us with confirmation and sets all those fears to rest when we confide in Him, take Him at His word, and rest in His answer. Oh, to do that more faithfully! Such a sweet blessing to have that access to Him.


    • Tiffany,
      I wish we could compare notes over coffee! Yes, “to trust Him at His word and do that more faithfully!” Me Too! He is so faithful, so tender and so true, I’m so glad that even when we fear the dream is lost, He smiles, and still unfolds His dream in us. It’s breathtaking!

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