Notice {Five Minute Friday}

We are a little late this year. Thanksgiving is really next week. For real. I usually pull out our Thankful Tree just as the calendar moves to November, but not this year. I got swallowed up in the list of homework assignments, school activities, new recipes, church activities, interesting blog posts, great books, laundry piles, dish piles, dog “piles”, season premiers and season finales, research for that book proposal, …. I could go on, but I won’t.

I was somewhere between carpool line and the grocery store when they swooped over head. The stunning shadows caught my eyes. It was a pause of wonder as they glided past. To this gaggle the hustle of the parking lot was nothing more than a gust ruffling dead leaves. The wave of their shadow across my face caused me ponder and I stopped and noticed.

The brilliant color of fall has now begun giving way to the deep work of winter. This transition is a work of gratitude. A season to notice the bounty of this year’s work. We have much to take notice of, much to be grateful for; this year’s harvest will become next year’s planting. And that, is the deep work of winter. Take notice gratefully, for here is where you begin.   

Heading South
I am gathering with a brave group of writers over at Kate Motaung’s today. We meet every Friday around one word. It’s beautiful, it’s crazy fun and I am always inspired, encouraged, and challenged. Come with me, won’t you?


10 Comments on “Notice {Five Minute Friday}

  1. Love this, Brandi, “Take notice gratefully, for here is where you begin.” I always hate to see fall go, but it’s true that it’s the beginning of necessary change. Thanks for this reminder friend!


  2. I love your post. It is so important to slow down and take notice of Gods gifts that he so lovingly puts on our path. When we notice the little things, it makes life so much bigger.


  3. I always think that God is waving and whistling to me to get my attention everyday. Do I notice? Not always. Just looking up to the sky in the middle a busyness is a way of appreciating the gifts around you. I really love that.
    I have to do more of it!

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  4. I have noticed that time seems to be flying by this year. It is crazy that November is over half way over and Christmas will be here before you know it. I need to take time and reflect. Thanks for this.


    • It has gone by so fast this year! And while Christmas is my favorite season, I dont want to miss what is beautiful here now. I’m grateful you came by today! I pray you have a wonderful weekend of noticable treasures.


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