Sunday Selah

Sunday’s are reflective moments. They are ponderings and summaries.

Sunday’s are epitomes. And this one’s deep.

Friends, if you’ve been around the blog this past week, its been a bit raw. As I wrap up this collection of days and begin to open a new set of moments, I have to share this song with you. These words danced across the airwaves and pierced through every tear, every fear and yes, every moment surfaced in these memories.

There are certain words that simply stopped time as they echoed through my ears.

“I just let go
And I feel exposed”

An untruth I had ignored and shoved aside… I let it go this week… but in so doing I had an empty space… a raw and vulnerable place.

“But it’s so beautiful
Cuz this is who I am”

The drapes pulled back and a tapestry of testimony began to emerge for me.

I could bleed to death

Here, right here is where I found me. Standing exposed and vulnerable and hidden. But her very next phrase, as if after bleeding to death her very next breath is:

“Oh Lord I’m ready now”

I wanted to shout “YES!” Every beat of my heart fell into rhythm and my arms raised wide to the sky in freedom.

Perhaps, like me, you’ve looked at your walk with God and somewhere for some reason sat down on the side of the curb with your head in your knees…. Whenever you’re ready to stand back up and keep walking, let your soul sing it out with this song . No matter how far you wander, or how long you sit on the curb, He will wait and love you all the while. He just wants you to be you with Him.

This song, “Lord I’m Ready Now”, was written by Tiffany Arbuckle Lee and Luke Sheets and is sung by Plumb on her new album: Need You Now.


6 Comments on “Sunday Selah

  1. I remember to pray for you, Brandi. I pray that God will put the will and the action into you to author and publish “the book”. Love, Grandma G.


  2. This is a favorite song for me. In fact I was listening to this Sunday as we were driving home from a recent visit with my inlaws and on the verge of making a HUGE decision about a major life change.


    • Dianna,
      Big decisions are hard and shouldn’t be rushed. God is so faithful to hold our hands and lead us in the direction of abundant life. I pray God confirms and re-confirms your decision and that you are met with favor and peace each step of the way! So glad you came by today!


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