Dare {Five Minute Friday}

What if I could guarantee that tomorrow, whatever you put your hand, heart, or mind to could not fail?

What if, no matter what, you were sure to succeed, not just sort of but completely-all-out- fully succeed?

What if tomorrow, your dream was actually reality, not in part but in whole?

Would it change who you are? Would it alter your faith? Would it impact your relationships?

Just add Light by Evan Lessen

A dream not birthed through struggle is just a fad.

So I dare you to try. Go for it. All of it. I dare you to take that first step.

In reality you may not fully succeed tomorrow, or maybe you will tomorrow but next week you’ll hit a speed bump. Guess what? It is ok. Failures, bumps, set backs – they are all part of this journey. They are in no way an indicator of the validity of your dream. These messy steps are what form the foundation of your achievements. These broken parts give stability to your successes. It’s going through the hard stuff, the failures, that builds lasting legacies.

Don’t fear the falls. They only build you up. Don’t fear the what if’s, they only refine you. Don’t hold back, it starves your dream.

Give it your whole heart, one step at a time.

I dare you!


This post is part of flash mob of writers who gather every Friday around one prompt to pour out words. It’s fun. It’s challenging. I love it! Come check it out: here


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