God I’m Drowning, Do You Care?

Dearest Mommy Friends,

This is the toughest gig out there, and I commend you for sticking it out, staying the course and giving it your all! I hope you know that you are cherished and NO ONE could do what you do in the lives of your littles.

I also know the pull to leave the mess and sit at Jesus’ feet or do something for yourself is hard to navigate when the dishes pile high and the laundry explodes.  I walk that line with you every day.

Both serving and worshipping are important. Both caring for your family and caring for your self are vital. Both being present with your faith and keeping your house in order are commendable. And you can be both a Martha AND a Mary in the same day.

Today you can find me sitting at the kitchen table with my friend Abby McDonald over at her blog: Fearfully Made Mom.  Come read more about abiding in the middle of the mess with Jesus here.  

Have a blessed day my fellow Mommas!

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5 Comments on “God I’m Drowning, Do You Care?

  1. Brandi, I’m always amazed that we have so many more conveniences than our mothers and grandmothers and yet we’re more stressed and pulled in so many directions. Thank you for pointing us back to being as well as doing.


  2. Awesome reminder! I did hop over and read the full article! Mommyhood isn’t for the faint of heart but so truly worth it.

    We do want things perfect for our guests, we do want things to be wonderful for our families but we do need to make sure we teach them to keep the most important thing top priority – spending time growing our relationship with the Lord.

    Love your heart and openness! you bless me



    • You are so very right, perfect and comfortable really don’t teach the most valuable lesson. And in fact, are very temporary things. I so agree, Marie, that of absolute importance is an intimate and solid relationship with God! So glad you came by today!


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