Sunday Selah

We took a drive along a twisted road. Its bends and sways are familiar, each one a memory. The river and the road wind through jagged rocks, pillars of green and right now, there are hotspots of flaming golden leaves. Like a rhythm of waves this calms me. With the rising altitude comes a thinning of the struggles of daily life left below. Fresh air pours over your soul and the fragrance of the sun sears the memory on your heart.

2014-10-04 15.37.40

I’d love for you to come next time. This trek makes for the most divine Sunday afternoon. But before you take this drive, you must be made aware of the danger. Water is beauty and violence all in the same molecule. Violence struck this path just over a year ago. Here are the photos. They just might break your heart as the devastation was vast and intense.

2014-10-04 16.18.25 2014-10-04 16.17.53

But you know, the beauty is still there. It never left. Even in the midst of terror and devastation God held on to the magnificent glory held in each tree limb, jagged rock and sacred soul. Driving up there after months of tractors, dump trucks, claims- adjusters, construction crews, bulldozers and hard-hatters, it is evident the people there have held on too. And this gives me hope.

I love this road, this journey and even out of devastation I can see hope rebuilt. Take a drive today and savor the depths of color, the resilient fragrances, and the brimming of hope displayed before you.


2 Comments on “Sunday Selah

  1. The writing and photography in your blog is so beautiful! I think sometimes when we are going through devastation it is so hard to see the beauty that God is holding on to. I definitely think I will take a drive this weekend and enjoy the autumn colors. Thank you for this. Bless you!


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