Autumn New {Five Minute Friday}


The wind is howling tonight. (Ok, secret’s out, I write these posts Really late on Thursday nights). This is not a summer wind, those winds hum a different tune; no this one sounds cold and that makes me slightly giddy.

It will mean for a snuggly morning wrapped around a coffee mug and my favorite fluffy slippers. Can you just smell the brisk air coming at daybreak?!

RMNP Fall Photos

Fall is here and her colors are brilliant hues of auburn, gold and burnt orange. It’s radiant and when the sun catches them just so, they beam glory. You can’t help but close your eyes, look up and snuggle into its crisp warmth.

This season holds something unlike the others. I can’t quite pin point it, perhaps it is because it is associated with the start of school. Or it signifies the beginning of the end (of the year I mean). Either way, it holds a value unmatched.  The hues brilliant and the fragrance deep. This season looks like the end, but really it is an ushering of the new. That is the true treasure of autumn.

I wonder if all year the leaves practice their dance on summer breezes. As the air chills they break free and waltz in bold reds and vibrant oranges that captivates my soul. Breathless beauty at the wonder of this colorful declaration. It’s not an end, nor a death. It is a climax that hints of the season of new to come.

Autumn by Edgar Barany


I gather (aka: link up) every Friday with some dear writers at Kate Motaung’s Five Minute Friday.  All are welcome, and this week there is a giveaway!! 


Photo Credit: in order of appearance.  Chris Jeavons (with permission) and Edgar Barany (Creative Commons)


5 Comments on “Autumn New {Five Minute Friday}

  1. I love autumn, even if it means the beginning of persuading my dog he realy does want to get outr of his warm cosy bed to walk in fallen leaves he always loves it when he gets going. It’s the morning mists, my breath misting in the cooler air, and putting the heater on in the acr for the first time. But above all else it’s watching the colours change on the trees as I drive to and from work ripe with promise on the way in and golden with the promise of home as I travel back. Thanks for your post and your pictures.


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  3. Beautiful, Brandi. I too love Autumn, not only for the glorious abundance of rich colours, but also the significance of change and hope. I loved reading your post, thank you.


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