Sunday Selah ~ Afternoons

I sit with my feet propped up as the sweet scent of fall caresses my skin. It’s a quiet Sunday afternoon, only the echo of children bouncing on the neighbor’s trampoline drift over the fence. We have a rule in our house on Sunday’s: Everyone must take a nap. Of course “everyone” excludes mommies and daddies. (grin) And so it is. Quiet. Reflective. Calm.

And as the leaves trickle and the bees franticly search, I ponder. This moment is perfect for pondering.

(Just makes you sigh doesn’t it?!)

Well, may I suggest a few favorite posts to encourage your ponder?

I mean really, one can’t help but dream on afternoons like this one.  And this post by Holley Gerth is like a perfect cup of coffee for that dream stirring in your soul.  Check it out:  The Wild Art of Dreaming.

And as my daydream turned to longing, an ache, I was reminded to savor the gifts yet to be unwrapped along the way.  My sweet friend Abigail McDonald nudged me with her words, “To live a full life, we must embrace each season instead of constantly looking ahead to the next one”.  You too will be encouraged to savor with her post: An Invitation to Live a Full Life.  (this seems to be a message I’m finding every where… hmm)

May your Sunday be one with a calm moment on the back deck, one where ponderings can happen hand in hand with the savoring of today.


4 Comments on “Sunday Selah ~ Afternoons

  1. Aaaah, I just love Sunday afternoons too. My oldest son doesn’t nap anymore, but I sometimes do on Sundays! 😉 Thanks for the sweet compliment and enjoy the rest of your evening, friend!


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