Because. {Five Minute Friday}

It’s my favorite time of the week!  I gather amongst other word lovers and write with reckless abandon for 5 solid minutes (or sometimes a few more… i confess) on one shared word.  Its freeing, its challenging, its writing and I love it.  Come, jump in over at Kate Motaung’s place!  All are welcome!

~ Because ~


Because the love that sparks a flurry of dreams at just the touch of your hand, I will spend my days walking beside you.


Because I already love the life held within your heart beat, I will stretch beyond measure and then bear down with every ounce of my own life to feel your first breath.


Because I believe in who you are and who you will become, I will watch the clock tick beyond the stars and pace with prayerful whispers, (or shouts) as you grow and dream and struggle into the next chapter.


Because I still know the dreams we share between our pillows are ours for the making, I will forgive today and embrace your tomorrow.


Because our relationship is worth more to me than your comfort, I will establish boundaries even when it hurts.


Because faith isn’t just a word, it is a walk, I will choose to believe even when nothing in my eyesight matches Your words.  ~Tweet This


Because where else would I go and what else would I do?



6 Comments on “Because. {Five Minute Friday}

  1. Beautiful post, Brandi! Faith isn’t a word, it’s a walk… Amen! Love that! You have a precious way with words! Keep doing what you’re doing! You put a lift in my step this morning! Hugs, friend!


    • Julie, thank you! Writing is such a vital part of my walk with Him, yet, too often I allow doubt to rob me. Your encouragement couldn’t be more fitting today. Thank you!!! Have a blessed weekend!!


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