Sunday Selah

“Mama, when we gonna go?”  He shuffles in through the glass door all hustled by the wind and emblazoned by the fresh air.

“Go where, bubba?”

“To the ‘tel.” He says as he wipes his nose on his sleeve and kicks at an imaginary rock.  Man, I love this little man.

“The what?”

“To the ‘tel.” Sniff.  “On ‘cation”.

“You want to go on vacation?!” This request has me flabbergasted.  The leaves are changing and school is in full session.  I try not to laugh so I go back to sorting, folding, sifting.

His hazel eyes catch the noon day sun all full of life and glory and adventure, “Yeah,” he says as he stands up taller.  And then that charming-oh-so-hard-to-ignor smile beams from across the room.  I swear, he has power over me unlike anything else.  My whole soul wanted to scoop him up along with his toy-filled back pack and go on a wild road adventure complete with ‘tel bed bouncing and loads of ice cream.

I have been all too guilty lately of focusing on the list, the schedule and the needs.  I love Sundays for that reason, they are sweet moments to savor;  A gentle reminders that the moments we want far outweigh the moments we think we need.

My dear friend Meredith Bernard wrote about looking past the mess, the ordinary, to find the glory.  Her words spoke directly into my laundry pile and helped me find time to go hunt bad guys in the basement with a flashlight.

Try it.  It will be the best adventure you’ll ever embark upon.  While it may delay nap time and most definitely delay that laundry pile’s (which can double as the perfect hiding spot) demise, it will open the windows to a soul full of glorious moments.

Come read Meredith’s article here!  (and see her amazing photography as well!).

Happy Sunday to you!  May your week be full of glory moments!


4 Comments on “Sunday Selah

  1. Did you find any bad guys in the basement? Of course taking care of that precedes naps and laundry. 🙂 I let my husband go to a meeting by himself tonight, just to be home for the kids. In fact he asked, “Do you want to stay home?” I don’t want to miss the glory moments. Going on a walk with my girl in a minute.


    • Haha! We did find bad guys and we nailed them with the light!! I’m glad you stayed home- while meetings are important they are not always vital. Walks on the other hand, those are and the world comes alive anew in the eyes of a little one! I hope your time was adventurous!!


  2. All is quiet this afternoon on my home front. Maurie left to go back home yesterday and Paul go away at 8:30 AM this morning. It’s a sunny 71 degree Sunday day of rest. Love, Grandma. PS Really enjoyed having Paul as a house guest, but couldn’t pin him down to cook a meal for him.


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