Hold {Five Minute Friday}

Connection. Life.

Connection. Life.

Hold, it means so many things.

It can mean wait for a bit, here in this moment.  Perhaps you are waiting for an answer to a question or something interrupts and you need to wait it out.  So you carry the moment in pause for a bit.  It slows time, maybe even altering the direction that particular moment was headed.

Or it can mean something you have in your possesion.  You hold onto something or someone.  There is warmth in that process and a sensory of feelings.  You hold a feeling between skin.

I am holding many things and many things are holding me.  One thing I know, moments are held in the folds of my soul and I am comfortable holding while they bloom before my eyes. 


I am savoring moments shared with my online friends over at Kate Motaung’s blog today for Five Minute Friday.  Five minutes held in reverence each week for the pure creativeness of writing. 



6 Comments on “Hold {Five Minute Friday}

  1. Sometimes we may not like all the “hold” moments, but I’m learning that they all work out for our good. Great post


    • Hi Evie!
      I know, being in a hold is uncomfortable and I too get impatient. I’m so glad God doesn’t get impatient nor does He given in when I throw an impatient fit. Phew! Thank you for coming by today.


  2. I love this “moments are held in the folds of my soul ” because now that both of my children are on their own those moments are even more precious!



  3. Love how sweet and simple this thought was. Very well said: “You hold a feeling between skin.”

    Visiting from FMF! (I’m your link up neighbor!)


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