Sunday Selah

Phew, I am so grateful to be writing that title … well, for writing at all this week. It’s been a rough few weeks… I had to sneak out the back door to a quite corner at Panera just to write this short post. Literally. It felt a lot like leaving a stranger-anxiety-ridden toddler at the church nursery, except my children are much older than that, and I wasn’t leaving them in strange surroundings.

Some days are sunny and 95, while others are blustery and 45. It’s ok. I am a firm believer that if we didn’t have rough days we’d never fully appreciate the pristine ones.

Can I just tell you, that I came across a post this past week by Crystal Stine that brought it all back. All of this writing journey came flooding back with waves of gratefulness and wonder lapping the shores of today.  In this beautiful post she talked about how feelings of finality and discouragement can come AFTER a dream is realized. I can sort of relate, in that I left college with a dream of helping just one family out of the cycle of abuse. God opened amazing doors and guided me into a beautiful place in the realm of social work and child protection.  And after a few fast-flying years, it was over. Over.

I wandered a bit. I began searching for “me”, I felt lost in the midst of motherhood, also a dream I wanted, and got. So now what. Was God done with me? Was this all I was going to do, to be? These questions of doubt coupled with some broken places within me and began building walls, isolating and suffocating walls.

I began wondering if He was done with me.

And then this story of my awakening happened. It shook me to the core!

So hang on friends. Like Crystal says,

“If you’re just starting to ask God what His dream is for your life – have hope. If you’re in the thick of it and wondering if you’re going to mess it all up – have hope. If God has seen you through to the end and your God-sized dream is now a God-sized reality – have hope.

He’s not done.”

Read Crystal’s post: “Have Hope” over at God Sized Dreams.

Happy Sunday Friends! I pray your week is full of dreamy moments! Cheers to new weeks that start afresh!!


2 Comments on “Sunday Selah

  1. Thank you so much for sharing this post – grateful for your story and for letting me know it encouraged you 🙂


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